Applications built on top of MicroStation

We have over 30 years of experience in developing productivity enhancing applications and addons for MicroStation Connect Edition. We also offer user training for MicroStation in Finnish.

Our products

MS Mechanics v10

Application for mechanical design in MicroStation

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MS Fold v10

Unfold a part into a flat format in MicroStation

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MS 3D Pipe v10

3D piping design application for MicroStation

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MS PID v10

P&ID design and reporting in MicroStation

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MS Titleblock v10

Addon for filling in the titleblock of a DNG file

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MS Plot v10

Addon for more printing features for MicroStation

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CISS PDM for MicroStation

Product structures and parts lists management

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Developing applications on top of MicroStation for over 30 years

We have over thirty years of experience in developing software for the needs of mechanical and plant design. Our history dates back to 1988, when we started the company, and developed a mechanical design software package for MicroStation. A few years later, we expanded our software solutions also for plant design. From the very beginning we have operated in environments requiring industry-specific expertise, such as Unix, Vax/Vms, Mac, Dos and Windows.

Our vision

The goal of our company is to develop high-quality, high-tech and competitive applications, and ensure they are running smoothly every day of the year. Our company is a long-term partner, whose operations are driven forward by the feedback from our customers.

Free trial period to test the suitability of our software for your organization

We now offer trial periods without costs for you to test our software, including free installation and training services. You can freely use and test our software for 45 days until you make your acquisition decision.

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