MS Plot v10

MS Plot v10 addon brings additional plotting features to MicroStation

Compatible with MicroStation Connect Edition and V8i versions

Key features

Print effectively in batches

MS Plot v10 addon allows you to make single prints from MicroStation objects or print in batches. Multiple printers can be configured to be ready-to-use in the selection menu. Multi-page documents are also easily printable with MS Plot.

Multiple printers available

1-12 printers can be configured to be readily available. Printing can be directed to a file, directly to the printer, or to a separate printing program.

MS Plot v10

Various printing methods

With MS Plot v10, objects can be printed in many different ways. For example, an image file can be printed in the largest possible size or in a scaled area. The application allows you to print selected layers of an object as well as screenshots. Users can also print multiple sheets from one design (e.g. electric diagrams).

Configure printers beforehand

If the printers are already configured during the installation, the user can easily access them with no problems.


1 user / month

MS Plot v10


Payment period
1-12 months


1 user / perpetual licence

MS Plot v10


One-time payment for forever licence

Maintenance not included (can be bought separately*)

12 months / licence*




Support and maintenance, newest software versions throughout the contract period