MS Fold v10

MS Fold v10 is a 2D unfolding application for MicroStation that allows the user to easily unfold a sheet metal part into a flat format

MS Fold v10 preview

The application originated from the need of our customers to make unfolded drawings based on measurement data. Just press Unfold!

Key features

  • All common shapes are included in the application

  • Easy to deploy, if you have used MicroStation before, you will learn to use MS Fold v10 in minutes

  • Includes a calculator that allows you to extract the desired measurements from 2D drawings and 3D models

  • The calculator is also used to enter the measurement data into forms

  • Compatible with MicroStation Connect Edition and V8i versions


The Mechanics product family

MS Fold is part of the Mechanics product family together with MS Mechanics v10 and CISS PDM for MicroStation. All our products operate from the same database, so all applications work seamlessly together. For example, a Fold user can fill in the titleblock and retrieve raw material information from CISS PDM.


1 user / month

MS Fold v10


Payment period
1-12 months


1 user / perpetual licence

MS Fold v10


One-time payment for forever licence

Maintenance not included (can be bought separately*)

12 months / licence*




Support and maintenance, newest software versions throughout the contract period