CISS PDM for MicroStation

CISS PDM is a software solution for product structures and parts lists management integrated into MicroStation

Assemble and manage the structures of several different CAD programs in one product structure tree.

CISS PDM for MicroStation

“We are ready to fulfill our customers’ wishes quickly if the need for additional features arises!”

Highlight features

  • Document management features such as version control, permissions, security classes

  • Visual and customizable document workflow tracking and management

  • Import 2D / 3D structures with a single command

  • Automatic preview displays DGN, DWG, DXF, PDF etc. office files directly in the preview window without the need to open the program

  • Fill in the metadata of an image without a separate CAD program

  • More than 12,000 EN standard compliant components readily available

  • Secure and easy web access

  • Integrations to multiple ERP and financial management systems, Office and Outlook

  • Compatibility with different CAD programs and their files

  • Compatible with MicroStation Connect Edition and v8i

  • Available for multiple languages (Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian and Chinese)

Seamless communication with all MS applications

All our products operate from the same database, allowing them to seamlessly work together. CISS PDM for product data management together with MS Mechanics significantly increase the effectiveness of mechanical design and enable smooth remote working. A user of MS Fold can fill in the titleblock and retrieve raw material information from CISS PDM.

Easy management of product structures, components and parts lists

CISS PDM allows you to manage MicroStation’s native product structures and their 3D compositions, 3D models, and drawings with parts lists. CISS PDM efficiently handles all document and information management throughout the organization, and thus a separate document management software is not needed.

Clear document and version management

Versions and subversions of MicroStation files and reference files are managed automatically. You can revert to an older version of a file at any time and continue working from there. It is also possible to freeze the version of the product structure. From the 3D structure info card, you can check to whom this particular version of the structure or earlier versions have been delivered. MicroStation’s 3D structures and drawing structures can also be managed in DWG / PDF format.

Add any types of files or directly edit the parts list in a simple tree-style product structure

CISS PDM has a tree structure for product structures management, so it is easy to figure out which models are directly related to each other. You can add any kinds of files to the product structure, for example photos, emails, etc. The parts list can also be edited directly in the CISS PDM interface.

Over 12,000 EN standard compliant components included in the component tree

The company’s own and standard components are managed in the component tree. No matter which CAD program you use, the component remains the same. Only the file or 3D model contained in the component changes according to the CAD program. CISS PDM has more than 12,000 EN standard compliant components. The component collection we maintain supports the component collection standardization, and enables the simultaneous use of standards from different countries and own component collections.

Ready-made templates and Excel reporting

You can use our ready-made templates or save your own. Templates are not limited to files, but can include a project or a folder structure. Excel is used for reporting. There are also ready-made report templates that allow you to print the necessary reports at your convenience. Single and mass print functions are available.

Powerful and versatile search function

In addition to searching for metadata, the software can also retrieve data from within the MicroStation file and from parts lists. With the versatile search criteria, you can specify that only configurations or 2D drawings are searched for at this time. The search can be performed with any unique search term or, for example, by date range.

Secure and easy web access

Using CISS PDM in a web environment does not differ in any way from normal office use. You can continue working from home with the same interface, and a separate VPN is not needed. The level of security is comparable to the level of security used by banks.

CAD compatibility and ERP integration

In addition to MicroStation, CISS PDM is integrated and compatible with SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Inventor. With CISS PDM, you can assemble and manage the structures of several different CAD programs in the same product structure tree. CISS PDM is also integrated into multiple ERP and financial management systems.


1 user / month

CISS PDM for MicroStation


Payment period
1-12 months


1 user / perpetual licence

CISS PDM for MicroStation


One-time payment for forever licence

Maintenance not included (can be bought separately*)

12 months / licence*




Support and maintenance services, newest software versions throughout the contract period